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Shoes by Chavez  |  A New Era in Women's Footwear

Shoes by Chavez, Inc. is a Women's Footwear brand based in Ontario, Canada. Antonio Chavez, the Founder & Creator of Shoes by Chavez, Inc. has invented a brand new international patented product that is designed specifically for women. It's a product that we believe will revolutionize the footwear industry, and will forever change the way women wear their shoes, and the way women think about their shoes.

Our goal is to create a brand new trend, a new culture for women all over the world to share. We want to design and create products that all women will enjoy wearing on a daily basis. We are giving women the freedom to design their shoes, their way. Every woman is unique, and so are their shoes.

We are always finding new and creative ways to change how women wear their shoes, that is both chic and practical, and most importantly, comfortable.

Size Chart
US 10 9 8 7 6
Euro 40 39 38 37 36
Inches 10.1875" 9.875" 9.5" 9.25" 8.875"
CM 25.9 25.1 24.1 23.5 22.5